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What I did while the cats were left to fend for themselves

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So I thought I’d give WordPress another bash so here I am.  Want to try and gain a bit more traffic and sell some more of my shit from the The DHW Store. Xmas will be here before you know it, and you can never have enough crap after all!.  Let’s see how that goes eh?Anyhoo.

Just like a Bank Holiday weekend should be, we went to a hog roast around a roaring fire in a field behind a pub. Kids playing in a stream in their wellies and booze aplenty for a big fat gypsy 40th.

Sadly Bman’s 1980’s Toxteth market shelly anorak didn’t get thrown onto the fire, nor did his tartan flat cap, so he made it through the weekend looking like an Estonian DJ (“Ya! Freakout shexy deeesko ladies”). And he dares to mock my fashion sense?

I think he's saying, "Why the fuck did I buy this jacket and hat?"

Left the birthday party before it got too messy as we wanted clear(ish) heads for the social event of the year that is… Farndale Show the next morning. An occasion which Bman and I have threatened to get to every year for the past 10 years. 2011 was our year and I have to say, that despite it being a small village traditional show I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly as we won 2 bottles of wine on the tombola within the first 5 minutes of arriving.

If giant vegetables and fruits amuse you, and displays of vintage tractor driving float your boat and the legendary sport of kings – terrier racing, gets your motor running then small village shows are the place to be.

The baddest of baddass bloody great big onions

 Screw ‘V’ and ‘Reading’ festivals. What you want is a Bird of Prey display where the falcon flies away and refuses to come back and to enjoy the little known, underground sport of Unicorn Shooting*

Take that mot*erf**ker!

Farndale Show rocks y’all!


And my favourite conversation of the weekend has to be this:

G) He’s good isn’t he?

K) Who?

G) That Liverpool football player.

K) Which Liverpool football player, I don’t know that much about it.

G) Him there. In the fancy dress contest

K) Seriously dude? that’s Dennis the Menace!

Eeyar La!
Traffic jam – countryfile style

*no actual unicorns were injured in this picture because (a) it’s inflatable and (b) unicorns don’t live in the Yorkshire Dales.

 FYI, just a heads up that it’s also not a real gun.  She won it on the Hook a Duck – not my first choice of prize but what can you do?


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  1. really, who was dennis the menace?

  2. Estonian DJ channelling Father Ted (or rather Father Jack). The dry stone walls look nice.


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