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I go back to work today after 6 weeks of ‘Diagnosis Murder’, ‘Homes under the Hammer’, camping trips and losing the will to live from the perpetual cycle of going into the childerbeast’s room and seeing dens made out of dressing gowns; bedsheets and towels strung across the room.  Have they not camped enough this summer without having to do so in the comfort of their own room? 

 Brand new sharp pencils, crisp clean exercise books, new faces, grand plans, good intentions and the Yoda memory stick primed and ready to fill with plans, pictures & presentations.

One of my good intentions is  to not swear (the odds are that I’ll last until breaktime at 1015).


 Found my old hockey stick at the weekend in Pop’s garage. 27 years old and still a beauty (she won me many a match and maimed at least one goalkeeper).  I toyed with the idea of starting up an after school hockey team but then had visions of carnage on the playing field with sticks as weapons and tossed that notion aside as quickly as it had formed in my head.

 One last coffee before it’s time to Bully Off the new term and a tenuous  excuse to add a picture of Joyce Grenfell.

No one has bullied off for about 30 years!


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