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My Shoe!!! (which will only make sense to Eddie Murphy fans)

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You know that advert for ‘Final Destination 5’ where you think “Did these kids not see the first 4 movies?  Stay on the damn bridge and just die already as it will ultimately just save time”? Then you also think; “Seriously? Can there possibly be any more grisly ways to meet your maker?”

 Well I just almost added another one…


Death by killer slipper!

A topic I do know that I have touched on before.  


I just skied down the flippin’ stairs, like Eddie the fecking Eagle, on these babies whilst dashing to answer the phone.

Slippers are gonna get ya!

Do you know what the caller said as I snatched the phones from it’s holder thingumy from my crumpled heap at the foot of the stairs?


Am I speaking to Mrs Bruuyaar?  Thees ees a werry short survaaay and eeet weeel ownlay tike a couple of minute yes” (this is me trying to type in a filipina accent by the way”

I hung up as I was crying at the time about why my arm was facing the wrong way and my little toe appeared to have snapped off.


I then crawled back up the stairs and waited to see how long it took my family to come and pick me up, (which wasn’t as quickly as I would have liked I’ll be honest with you), and I had to actually call out and ask why no-one had come to see if I was alright.

 Perhaps it’s not just the slippers that are out to get me!


 PS.  Clearly my arm is now the right way round or I wouldn’t be able to type this.

PPS.  FYI, I had not had a drink, unlike the last time I fell down some stairs at the end of April when I’d had several and was in 6inch killer heels (incidentally, I can still not kneel down on that knee as it still hurts if I do).

PPPS.  I’m okay now, I think, thanks for asking…


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