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Well, you don’t see THAT every day

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Do you know how you tell it’s a new season, a new year, and that the ease of being back in the workplace after a long break just comes back to you, like the old adage about never forgetting how to ride a bike?

Yup that’s right… an animated and enthusiastic discussion at 8:35am about the size of a dwarf’s penis in relation to his limbs and whether or not we should download some dwarf porn to settle the debate.

Welcome back to work everyone!

And just for you,  I have risked life, limb, divorce and possible arrest by social services to key the words *Dwarf* and *Porn* into google images (which I did with a certain amount of trepidation let me tell you) and have to say that I found this to be my absolute favourite image.







Wait for it…………………






The rumours it would seem, are true!

PS:    Oh and there also might have been a small incident with a tub of baked beans  accidentally being thrown at The Boss’s car….

         It happens!

               To some people….

                                      (Doesn’t it???)


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