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Unappetizing thoughts (and lunches)

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Irrelevant Question of the Day:  Why is it you can never find a small plastic camel when you need one?

So anyway, today was a good day, although my asparagus cup-a-soup was slightly disappointing in that there was rather too much pea & ham in it for my vegetarian tastes.  Note to self:  check the packet before you add the water and just because it was in the asparagus soup box in my cupboard clearly doesn’t mean that it necessarily is one!


I love that when I type in ‘DOADHW’ on Google; this particular entry comes up before many others:- 

Tombstoning — Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

ground” – On the Inside … more →. Tags: DOADHW, Scarborough, Cats, Cunt on a stick, Boggle Hole, Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay, Cattery, Thomason Foss …”

Does that mean that people search for these words or phrases more than any other?  Am not sure how many people do ever Google the words *cunt on a stick* and am not sure how I feel about those sorts of people coming across me (as it were)!


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