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No appreciation for my lovely lady lumps

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Turns out that Bman doesn’t appreciate being ‘farped’ (his spelling, not mine). Well that will teach him to go to bed without logging off from Facebore and leaving himself wide open to having his profile picture changed. (See: image from my blog entry **well-you-dont-see-that-every-day**)

I thought it was amusing anyway. 

Ditto abusing the suggestion box at work for ‘new songs to sing in assembly’.  Slipping a completely inappropriate suggestion* in the box each week shall keep me entertained until I find my P45 in the pigeon-hole in the staff room. Which, if I’m honest probably shouldn’t take too long – The inmates don’t listen to me and I don’t think anyone likes me. They’re out to get me… just like my slippers…


* This week I plumped for:  ‘Black Eyed Peas – My Humps’

PS:  suggestions for other wildly inappropriate songs accepted gratefully – just leave a comment.


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