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Frankly I’m astounded I’ve lasted this long

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In exactly 100 days I will be 40 years old.

What the fuck have I been doing since I left school? Since I started school? Since my sister was born on my 7th birthday? Since my brother came along when I was 10?

     It’s not 2 minutes since I was collecting stickers in my Charles & Diana Panini sticker album and watching Torville & Dean win Gold at the Winter Olympics. Now He’s remarried to his first love, she’s been dead 16 years and those 2 now host a Saturday night game show for Z list celebs!





You know how if there’s 2 people in the same house with an ebay account on the same PC, and whatever it is you last searched for also comes up when they log in (so you have no secrets, particularly around Christmas and Birthday time?)     Well I just signed in and spotted that the item Bman last looked at was this:-

I don’t know whether to be reassured that given my age he still imagines me in these babydoll numbers, or to challenge him about some young sexpiece he is trying to impress, who is clearly 20 years younger than me!   If it is for me, I prefer something these days with a tad more spandex for the old Gok’s Magic Knicker tummy control and am not sure that this fluffy scarlet number will go with my trackydaks and Killer Slippers!


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