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Tae Kwandon’t, Fertility & 35 year old revelations

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Had a bad news/good news day today. 

Bad news being that Tae-Kwandude has resigned so there’ll be no more Tae Kwando sessions for the childerbeast at school. Boo hiss! Nearest session will now be at Pudsey Lowtown Primary school, which I’m not able to get to without a car.  Bummer!  And they were so close to getting their first grading aswell.

To mourn the passing of their brief but successful foray into the world of martial arts, we watched 4 episodes of Hong Kong Phooey and made Ninja-Bread Men after tea.

  [Note to self:  Idea for duet fancy dress costumes for me and the Bman – me as Rosemary the Telephone Operator and him as Sarge – fucking genius!]

I only just twigged too that Hong Kong’s real name is ‘Penry’, not ‘Henry’, which now fully explains that part where he says “Penriffic!” At the end of the opening titles.  Only taken me 35 years to suss that one.  **pulls spazzy face to accompany the spazzy run I did into the hall this morning** which was on a parr with Shelly Duvall in The Shining as she shambles round the Overlook Hotel hiding from Jack Nicholson.   I found this YouTube clip to illustrate the point – check out the runs at around 56 seconds and  1.36 seconds into it:  The Shining – montage


Good news is that friend had a baby yesterday and all is well and that 2 other ladies, who shall remain nameless for now, are also expecting bambinis.  BTW neither of them are me because that door is firmly barred – nothing’s getting out of there, (cos in all honesty there’s not much getting in!)

It’s Friday. It’s now 9:30 and I think it’s about time I had a beer and watched some further televisual dirge.


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