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Idea for Dragon’s Den (unless it’s already been on – I don’t watch it so I wouldn’t know)

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Magical digifreeview box of trickery let me watch ‘Spooks’ from Sunday while simultaneously recording ‘Planet Dinosaur’ for the childerbeast.




W   I    T   C    H    C    R    A    F    T



Where will it all end?


In this age of deviant illusion and sorcery why do I still get a fat ass when I eat too many sweets and cakes?  How hard can it be to invent some chocolate just for adults that has amphetemines in it FFS?  You could enjoy your chocolate snack, then do the housework at 90mph to increase the calorie burn.  Brilliant!  Everyone’s a winner

Supposedly you can buy these fancy pants to do you workout in that help remove cellulite and excess flab from your butt and upper thighs.  I’m guessing they don’t work if you’re wearing them while you lie on the bed watching ‘Doc Martin’ with a large class of red and eating  a bag of Scampi & lemon fries with a chunky KitKat chaser.







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