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Paris Hilton? Nope… Leeds

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We have our annual Mr & Mrs Bman’s overnight Love-In booked for this weekend at Leeds Hilton. 

I say ‘Love-in’ when what I actually mean is:-  a cursory bunk up before heading to the leisure suite for a swim, steam and sauna; then a bedroom picnic before finding a bar in town for a drink or 3 then back to the hotel and possibly another quick backscuttle before (or during) ‘Match of the Day’. 

Wild times!


cartoon from Google images


So it’s a little like being at home but someone else makes the bed in the morning and you get to go for a swim and not have to make the childerbeast any tea. 

I highly recommend it to anyone who has been married or in a de facto relationship for more than 5 years.   Keeping the dream alive and all that.


PS:  My sister is coming over to mind the kids just in case anyone was thinking of calling Social Services.  We don’t leave them home alone with a Grab Bag of Monster Munch and 2 litres of Coke and leave them to it or anything.




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  1. withheld for a laugh

    throw in a kebab for that “morning after glow”??


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