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French planning for next Wednesday already completed  **licks fingertip and touches face whilst making sizzling sound, whilst simultaneously hearing every Teacher in the land’s voice yelling “Alright for those with only one hour a week’s teaching to plan!”**    

So I’m just browsing t’interweb, as you do on a Friday night with nothing else better to do, and have just realised the exorbitant price of Lego. 

The Childerbeast quite like a bit of the old construction and also have a keen interest in ‘Star Wars’ so I thought I’d check it out with a view to the festive season looming and Mastercard salivating at the prospect.

Seriously!  £125 for a Millennium Falcon!  £200 minimum for a Death Star!  You’ve got to be freakin shitting me? 

For that kind for money I don’t expect to have to build the fucker myself!

What you really want to spend your money on is one of these bad boys:-


Ride-in Dalek - what's not to like?




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