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Can the real Charles Ledger please stand up.

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I have 2 names for you today:-

Zak Dingle – fictional Emmerdale character and my new drinking buddy – sharing cocktails together at the bar in Mojo’s last night. 

Okay so I say ‘drinking buddy’ and ‘sharing cocktails’ but what I actually mean is that we were stood next to one another at the bar.

The other name I have for you is, Charles Ledger.  Pioneer of producing quinine  who died in 1905 OR…  tree hugging tea cosy wearing protester, sat up a tree in Irton North Yorkshire.  AKA ‘Picky Stool’,  Bman’s oldest mate and Best Man at our wedding! 

I have to say I was more than a tad surprised to see his mug on ‘Look North’, waxing lyrical about biodiversity and local Bat colonies. 

Glad to see he’s looking for a job to help pay for his newborn daughter,  but good luck to him in his protest!  (Although I give him less than 24 hours before he needs to come down to go for a shit.)

Scarborough Evening News – Irton Tree Protest

BTW – childerbeast-free Saturday night was great.  Fish supper, cocktails, wine, cider, swim, sauna etc etc.  Had forgotten how dreadful Leeds can be on a  Saturday night though,  and it was fairly quiet last night – we still saw some shockers though!  Apparently there was some kind of Zombieathon on Friday and either some people had carried this on through to Saturday night OR were not actually in fancy dress after all – difficult to tell to be honest!

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