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I yell a lot so I can’t hear myself thinking

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One of the many reasons I enjoy my job so much, (apart from the satisfaction of seeing the children grow, mature, bloom etc yadayadayada) is that the near continuous cacophony of sound all day long makes it nigh on impossible to hear my own thoughts.

Today I was on a course, which involved walking for almost 45 minutes there and back to the venue and sitting in a stuffy room from 9am to 2:15pm trying to focus.    This left a lot of time for me to re-acquaint myself with past ghosts & my inner monologue, and this, let me tell you, is not really a positive exercise.

This evening I will mostly be having gin and tonics and trying to dull the niggling negative voices before I go to bed.  So if you’d like something more amusing to read may I suggest just reading aloud my Tag Cloud to the right of this post.  It makes for an interesting insight into the kind of garbage that rattles through my head on a daily basis.


Or failing that, entertain yourself with this picture of my friend still up a tree.



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  1. withheld for a laugh

    Actually quite alarmed that A. somebody has more bizarre shite running through their mind on a daily basis than me B. And I know them. and finally C. can you expand on cunt on a stick because i intend to use that more in conversation from now on.

    • I’ll let your girlfriend explain that particular story, suffice to say it was one of the most unusual Peformance Management Targets I’ve had to fulfill 🙂


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