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Sunshine & old friends

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Numeracy Catch Up course* completed and we were released early – nice!  Pleasant walk home in blazing sunshine  with MP3 on extra loud and old skool company to make me smile.

Lesson learned today – sometimes not having the Last Word  just makes things perfect 🙂

Maroon 5 ready to go, so soon we shall all be moving like Jagger (possibly?)

Surprise visitor for tea in the form of Ms Aconley.  No one ever calls for me anymore, so love it when someone actually does – especially someone who lives 2hours away in sticksville.  Good times.

Chester Y’s tomorrow after work.  Dinosaur times at the zoo Saturday.  Goodness knows if I will get out for a drink now that M&D have barred themselves from The Plough after falling out with the natives.  Well I haven’t barred myself and I’m buggered if I’m hiking all the way to the Ringos when there’s perfectly good booze to be had 100metres from The Moss, (although the Ringos do serve Pear Kopperberg so hmmmm? decisions decisions).

Vive le weekend! Xx

* can I just point out that my numeracy is just fine thank you very much (my refresher year in 6 worked wonders) – the course was to train me to assist children in their Catch Up not for me to catch up!


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