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Last Days of Summer

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Name that Tune:   “I’ve never gotten used to it, I’ve just learned to turn it off”- If you see her say hello – Bob Dylan

Movie Quote of the Day:         There’s only one thing impossible and that is to love and to part” – Room with a View

Hot times.  Catching up with best mates times.  Pear Koppaberg Times.  Zoo times.

Unseasonably hot weather for October 1st and no doubt it being the last weekend before the Dinosaurs Alive exhibition finished meant that Chester Zoo was rammed to the max.  20 minutes to get through the Fast Track gate! Crikey!

  A was afraid of the dinosaurs and refused to go anywhere near them at first, but then got all blasé about them once we were out and made me go all the way round again so she could have her photo taken with them.

 I got most excited when we found the Parrot Breeding Centre but was disappointed to find the viewing part unoccupied by my favourite feathered friends. 

  I like to think that they were all behind the screen on a BMX track with miniature half-pipe; catching some air and giving it their best Tony Hawks bird style.  Or even rehearsing for an all McCaw version of Starlight Express on their little roller-skates.






                                                         Wishful thinking.

 Spent Saturday early evening teaching the Childerbeast how to climb trees in a silk frock in a ladylike fashion before hunkering down to watch Doctor Who and the new season of Merlin.  Whoopass!  Rock & flippin roll man!  Tartan blanket and a small sherry over here please…










 Got a touch of the ‘Black Dogs’ today at work. . .

Came home and walked barefoot around the garden before sitting cross legged for half an hour feeling the grass under foot (or under ass as it were) and cloud watching.  Barefoot in the grass never fails to calm me down.  Don’t know why.  Must be the feral in me I guess.


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