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Everybody say “Ramo”!

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Talking to the inmates tomorrow afternoon about Phase 2, Blek le Rat, King Robbo & Banksy and for the 3rd year running, making loose promises to get FriiSpray up and running on the Whiteboard.  I may cover my face with a scarf and bring in my old rucksack of Krylon as ‘The Invisible Jaffa Cake’ rides again (or is it ‘Enigma’, ‘Blondie’, ‘Bandit’ or ‘Agro’?)

It’s a hard life… today I even got to play the full 9 minute version of Planet Rock while we discussed burners, throw ups and tags.

If only I could just let them watch ‘Beat Street’ and bust out the old lino…

Classic scene from Beat Street – Roxy Battle supposedly unrehearsed by the NYC Breakers & RockSteady Crew.  Legends!


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