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Granny flaps & 2-faced felines

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Not sure if this is my favourite news story at the moment, purely for the comedy value of the photo)   Granny Gives Birth in the Street

Or this one, also for the comedy value of the picture. 





Feign to deny it.  You know you want one – even if it’s just for Halloween



Graffiti lesson went well although for legal reasons I can’t tell you some of the ‘tag’ names chosen by my young paduans.   Suffice to say… a pokerface was required on at least 2 occasions.   Not sure if I’d have kept it together professionally had Gene Hunt to my Bollyknickers been in the room!


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  1. Mental note… check who was last logged in to comp before leaving comments…

  2. just as well i wasn’t in the office Bols, don’t think we’d of kept it together!!!

  3. withheld for a laugh

    On the topic of – granny gives birth in the street – (sorry commas not working for some reason I would like to make a couple of points……

    1. We are really not all that stupid in Derbyshire. Honest.

    2. I’ve seen the pic of her and well, frankly, ahem ……..who got her pregnant in the first place? He needs a medal surely? brave fella…..a double bagger if ever I’ve seen one.


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