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Don’t ask me for money until you can speak properly please

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Is it snobbish of me to refuse to support a doorstepping charity worker who knocks on my door and gets me out of the shower and tries to get 28p a day out of me for a charity I’ve never heard of?   

       I was shown no I.D and more to the point, I object to being fleeced for money to help educate the poor ickle deprived children for a charity which (and I quote)       “learns ’em how to read”.

She lost my dollar from that instant I have to say…

She then started waffling about how they help the poor ickle deprived childrens parents administer their medicine because they can’t read the instructions.   (The parents  or the ickle childrens medicine? I need to know, as I feel it’s pertinent).

I was also then told that “we learn em a trade ‘n that like.”  (The children? or the parents? – I also need to know)    and     “We get em a start-up kit ‘n that like.. you know, if we was learning em how to be a baker then we give em an oven and some dough & that”    (I’m not shitting you here chaps – this is verbertim). 

Now I may not be much of a cook, or a baker, but even I could mange to rustle up my own batch of dough.    I am also somewhat sceptical at the Health & Safety ramifications of handing out industrial ovens willy nilly to people who can’t read or administer Calpol to their own offspring.

So I sent her packing, pleading poverty myself and just let her think I was a tight bitch.     I could have disputed all of the above with her (and her mute sidekick) but it was cold on the doorstep and I had a towel on my head and kids upstairs in bed waiting to be read a story so I couldn’t be bothered.

I did take the time later to Google the charity and it is a bona fide organisation.    Also having looked at the website, some of what this lady was saying now makes more sense as I realise now that she was referring to Third World children and their families.   I was confused by the fact that she didn’t mention this at all.  Instead simply gesturing around her to the street behind me and using phrases such as; “You know all these children like what don’t go to school and that”.  She could so easily have been talking about this area in general that I misunderstood.

I am sure they do worthy things and help lots of children but I do feel like they could make a better job of recruiting salespersons, or whatever it is those people are called who try and catch you unawares & tap you up for cash.

Panhandlers?  Licensed Beggars?   Doorstep Doylems?



**DISCLAIMER:   Don’t pull me up on the apostrophe errors/lack of around the word *childrens* as I can never remember which way it goes.  In fairness I don’t think I’m doing too bad so far gramatically.  Maybe someone can ‘learn’ me the right way how to do it.    Hey I may even be given an oven as a prize?


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  1. Are you going to give the charity some feedback directly? Seems a shame that their workers are doing more harm than good.


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