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Headache today and still lingering this evening.  Divine retribution methinks for doing an R.E. Lesson this aft. 

 “Thou shalt not tell the children stories about men being swallowed whole by whales”

Harvest festival tomorrow where we distribute out-of-date foodstuff we’ve all cleared out of our cupboards to the elderly and recently deceased of the community.  Yay! 

In the true spririt of the local environs I vote we deliver the goodies via the medium of piebald pony & trap with our trousers tucked into our socks and our hair cut into an attractive pseudo rats-tail/mullet style.  We could collect scrap long the way (and by ‘collect scrap’, I mean clamber into gardens and steal patio furniture and bikes).

Just a thought…


Did some Xmas internet shopping last night.  You gotta love  Something for everyone on there.  I mean who do you know who wouldn’t appreciate this is a gift?

What is not to like here?

Han Solo frozen in carbonite ice cube/jelly/chocolate moulds. Freakin Awesome! Now THAT my friend is a gift worth receiving – none of this box of teabags , a cup-a-soup & a couple of onions in an Asda bag harvest festival bollocks.


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  1. withheld for a laugh

    not getting it myself. can i have a mug with a golfing scene and a presentation pack of tees with a golf ball please. I think marks and sparks do a line in them…..

    • I thought a wolf fleece cape might be in order this year – His n Hers style

      • withheld for a laugh

        oh yeah. then we can both look like twats. well we are in our forties so its to be expected…….is your clock ticking faster now? x

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