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Sugar rushes & guilty crushes

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Just sat and watched several episodes of ”Hollyoaks’ and have to say that given all the debauchery and women getting roughed up from the rear up against bins down dark alleys, it certainly seemed true enough to me of a night out in Chester!      Ba-ba-ching!

I also watched Downton Abbey’ recorded from Sunday night and have shovelled about 4200 skittles into my fat face so it looks like I may be shitting a rainbow of fruit flavours tomorrow!


I used to love a bit of Brendan Coyle (Mr Bates from Downton) when he was on that other Sunday night old ladies TV staple – ‘Larkrise to Candleford’ as  Robert Timmins  but I’m just not getting the same vibe from Mr Bates.  He was a lot more of a rugged countryman; ready to slap you up against dry stone wall down a country dirty track kinda guy in Larkrise.   Mmmm 🙂

I think I ate too many skittles and have sugar rush delusions.


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  1. withheld for a laugh

    Filth. Should be ashamed of yourself. And leave the kids sweets alone. lol


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