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This post contains the longest sentence ever & I don’t even care, so there!

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Mischief Night tonight, as I was reminded during the day by my young charges – It isn’t what it used to be though. 

        It’s been a long time (but not as long as you might think) since I got up to any acts of mischief on this night.  I feel old(er) but not really any the wiser. Most definitely past any mischief.

The day began poorly when during my usual morning ablutions when I like to read a little while I evacuate my bowel (TMI maybe? – Probably yeah, but fuck it, I’m feeling that way out tonight).  Anyway I am presently reading ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls, I don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but I’ve got really into it and wanted to try to finish it before work today.  Bad idea… without giving any spoilers away it didn’t quite turn out as I’d anticipated and I set off to work in the rain feeling quite despondent.

Despondence soon turned to despair & desperation as the day progressed. 

(Poetic & succinct I thought)

Now it’s the weekend and it’s wet and I’m skint and my back aches and why are people so mean to each other and they never even really grow out of it which is just depressing and no-one listens to me and it’s probably because I talk garbage and here is a picture of that Black Dog again and instead of trying to get it to shoo away I think I should just go up and pet it and curl it up with it awhile and sleep.

gonna get ya


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