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Farewell to Jimmy

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R.I.P. Sir Jimmy

Watched the news with Bman and tonight and we discussed whether or not Sir Jimmy realised that despite being buried at a 45 degree angle, as requested, he wouldn’t actually be able to see the sea on account of him being (a) 6 ft under and (b)  dead. 

Also, given that he was in the care of Scarborough Borough Council there was a fair chance that they might have fucked up and buried him at 45 degrees head down and feet up.  There was also speculation on whether his coffin had any gadget type acoutrements inside like his Jim’ll Fix It chair did.

Bman then made the comment, whilst eyeing me up and down & sniggering,  that I should generally avoid wearing a shiny tracksuit whilst smoking a cigar or I may be mistaken for the man himself!

Cheeky git! 


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  1. I suggest Bman refers to halloween pics….when he was wearing a trackie top that jimmy would be proud of! infact … plus wig he was only missing the cigar, well done on the specialist padding round the waistline Bman btw, top jimmy look!

  2. withheld for a laugh

    still laughing at this. enough said.


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