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Friday Round Up (which includes the word ‘mirkin’ so what’s not to like?)

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Favourite pictures I have purloined from sitonmyfacebook this week are as follows:

and this one which I should probably get as a tattoo:-


Favourite blog entry I have read this week has to be from The Bloggess, documenting a recent trip to the cinema dressed in a wolf pelt.  Not a  wolf fleece (or indeed a wokf fleece) but a true wolf pelt.  Awesome! 

  How do I know that if she had been in Whitby at the weekend we would have liberated that stuffed alligator and the hand of glory and the tempest prognosticator? and I would also possibly have several full size ichthyosaur fossils decorating my garden.

Have a read here: – The Bloggess


Best thing I have watched on TV this week has to be ‘Life’s Too Short’. 

Can’t find the scene where Johnny Depp plays a penny whistle & makes Warwick Davis Riverdance – but this scene is also bloody brilliant!



I was rather less entertained by the sight of Russell Grant being fired from a polystyrene cannon at Wembley Arena; dressed in a shirt that looked like something I once saw a Supergrass gig in at T in the Park! 

See where you went wrong there Aunty Beeb was not using a real cannon. 

Mercifully he has now been voted off the show which is a great shame for Millets who I’m sure had gained financially from all the tent sales.  I’m sure he’s a lovely man, but seriously, it was bad enough with Widdicombe last year.  Enough with the comedy fat celebrities in sequins please!


Choice phrases of the week,  which one wouldn’t usually hear or use in polite society are:- 

“I’m telling you that cock is going viral my friend”

and one which I think could turn into a classic:-

“If all else fails, we can always quiff up the mirkin”

Now if that second one doesn’t deserve some kind of merchandise creating on Zazzle at The DHW Store right now then I’d be failing you all.   Leave it with me.   I’m on it!

Enjoy your weekend peeps Xx


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  1. Yay I knew my cock would be famous one day!!!!


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