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If in doubt. Frock up & get fabulous!

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Yay!  my birthday frock arrived today and I gotta tell you.  It rocks! 

It’s a 50’s style black wiggle number and I adore it.  May have to treat self to new killer heels (cos it’s been a long time) to go with.

  I will be channelling all of the following fabulous females for my foray into my 40’s:- Dita/ Kat/ Bet/ Diana (Dors not Princess)/ Bettie/ Marilyn.

Dirty Dancing the Musical in Manchester, 21st December, you better step away from me for your own safety, cos I will be scorching baby!  (Possibly also a fookin drunken shambles later on, thus negating the hotness of the new frock)   :-/

I will be 40 years old and have no intention of ageing with grace and dignity (why change the habit of a lifetime eh?)   Gifts can be sent to arrive on the day to TheDHW, Penthouse apartment, at City Warehouse Apartments, Manchester (and I’m a size 7 shoe if anyone wants to know) 🙂

Swarfega spritzers all round and easy on the Jaquila!


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