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Message I received from ASDA Home Shopping headed “responce from Asda” – (Their typo not mine)

Hello Kit,

Thank you for letting us know about the unsuitable substitutes you received on delivery. It must’ve been upsetting when you never received the full refund. This is not the service we want our valued customers to have.

We have processed a refund of £13.00 for the Walnuts in Shell. This should be in your account within 3-5 working days.

We’re sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had and if there is anything else we can help you with in the future please let us know.


ASDA Home Shopping Team

Can I just say that I had asked for a refund on a bottle of Absolut Peach when I had ordered Absolut Mango – absolutely no walnuts in sight, in shells, ordered,  or otherwise.

Pay attention in school kids otherwise you may end up sending out emails like this.  Or worse.  Children ask me often Why do you make us spell things right Miss?”  to which I answer;  So you don’t look like a fookin eejit when you can’t write a letter properly when you’re in your 30’s”.   Ok so I don’t say fookin, or use the word eejit.  (Contrary to general opinion, I can BE tactful when duty calls you know).

Same applies to the people who ring my home and ask to speak to Mrs Breever / Miss Bruarar / Mr Anson / Ms Beaver etc.

I was called Mrs Greweller the other week but to be fair, it was by a 4 year old child so that can be excused.  To be honest.. I kind of liked it.  I might stick with that name. 



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  1. “pay attention in schoolkids” …….really want to say, “is that in case you get caught whilst in a schoolkid” but that would be very wrong. so i wont.


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