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Rebel (without a clue)

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Watched a programme about ‘Public Enemy’ at the weekend which prompted me to suggest that our end of term, entertain the inmates dance-off in assembly, be done in the style of black panther power.  Natch, I’d be Flava Flav:- wankered & goofing off at the front in oversized trackie, with giant alarm clock medallion, top hat and gold teeth.  (He’s apparently in the process of releasing his own brand of vodka – count me in!)

I'm a tell ya what time it is Boyeeee!

 Sadly, our choreographer on this occasion had no idea what I was talking about so my dream of lining up certain TAs in black combat gear and hastily constructed cardboard Uzis, masquerading as the S1W’s will not be coming to pass.

 Probably just as well to be honest as I am quite sure the only person who would have appreciated the gag would have been me and  the Bman, but he wouldn’t be there, so it would just be me myself & I (there’s a song in that but it’s by the De Las not PE).


Have to say it amused me no end, when the disclaimers came up at the end of the show to let you know what the band members were up to these days and I saw that Terminator X (he speaks with his hands) has retired from the music business and now runs an ostrich farm.  Rock n Roll! 

He spins like a madman as he feeds his ostriches....



Went to see them while heavily preggers in 2003 at Leeds Student Union – (Public Enemy. Not the ostriches).    They were great but not quite the same without Terminator X.  If only he’d been there – with ostriches in tow.  Flava riding in on an ostrich – awesome!

 In honour, here are some of my favourite PE moments.

pictures from google images


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  1. I saw that too, it was quality.


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