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Jesus Saves! (but Balotelli scores on the rebound)

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I’m pretty sure that a “grow your own Jesus” is possibly the best Secret Santa gift ever, for someone like me who (as most people know only too well)  holds no truck with the whole religion/son of a god I don’t believe in/immaculate conception/bible deal.  I also got a book of ASBO Fairy Tales.  Quality toilet reading indeed! 

If only I'd got a Jesus Pez Dispenser awell

Jesus grows up to 600% is original size when you stick him a glass of water.  I will be posting photos periodically of his progress and maybe I shall seek his wise counsel once he reaches full maturity – a bit like Origami Yoda

At the moment he has one hand larger than the other so he looks more like a miniature JB than a JC.

Let's all give the JBJ (Jeremy Beadle Jesus) a big hand

I’ll keep you posted so watch this space.

In the meantime, enjoy a photo of another secret santa gift my friend received.  It appears that growing older gracefully & maintaining a professional demeanour at all times is highly overrated…  There was also a rude jigsaw that, on reflection, is too detailed to show here for decency reasons.


racing willies





















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