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Life begins tomorrow apparently so I must have been dead for the last 39 years

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Today is my last day of being in my 30’s!

I’m still not sure how I feel about this.   Age is just a number and all that but if one more person under 40 placates me with the phrase “Life begins at 40” I shall not be held responsible for my actions.

20 years ago I was on my way to my first big rave (Galactica at Scarborough Spa) and I spent my birthday afternoon shopping for glow in the dark fishing lures, & my teatime looking on bemused & horrified as my friend sellotaped wraps of speed to his goolies in my Auntie’s living room. High Times!

I didn’t enjoy the rave as it goes but that was mainly due to being rather disturbed at seeing many old school and college friends mashed out of their minds and chewing their own bottom lip off like a bunch of insane asylum inmates. It wasn’t pretty but it didn’t take many months for me to jump on the MDMA bandwagon

Fortunately, after a brief dalliance with recreational pharmaceuticals I have moved on.

I don’t think the last 20 years have been a total waste of time. I may be wider about the hips and jowls but I travelled the World. I have 2 amazing kids. I got married (twice to same man) and we’re (so far) still married, which is an achievement in itself these days.  We’ve both had major career changes in the last 6 years and contrary to initial appearances, we do still have a laugh and enjoy each other’s company (alcohol helps enormously of course).

I don’t think I look 40 but then again I am still only 39 – maybe tomorrow my face will collapse in on itself and I’ll turn into a complete harridan. I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, like they say on all those reality shows. Here are some of the best bits:

Blacon dawn - Feb '96


T in the Park - July '96


Baby G-miester - May 1999


Wedding Day #1







Bambini#1 - The Bear




Bambini#2 - The Roo






 My children are, of course, my finest achievement




 Some of my favourite music from over the years:

I still totally adore this:   Spent many a spaced out morning laid on someone’s floor listening to this & having a smoke.  One time in particular always springs to mind when I hear this:

Fave dance track from the Cream years, just as great now as it was then:

A reminder of the Brandy & Coke era at Blimpers: Also never fails to make me move & singalong:

and this one always puts the ghost of a smile on my face: 



 I don’t think I’m totally unfortunate looking after all these years and mileage.  I’ve seen plenty who are younger and look a heck of a lot worse.  I reckon I’d probably do me if I’d had enough to drink & could be bothered :-)


Happy Flipping Birthday To Me!




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  1. Christ.. Jam and spoon, That is a blast from the past, not heard that since….well cant pin point when exactly it was always a blur.. It amazes me how you find these classics, as I can never remember. Hope you had a good day. strange how you can remember these things from years ago but then cant remember what you went in the kitchen for. LOL.

  2. well I’m younger so nah…LOL!!!…life don’t begin at forty it began when you met me……Ive known you 39 years and here’s to another 39 years when we can both whizz around on our rented mobility scooters around Scarborough rather than whizzing of some god forsaken crap someone bought off a dodgy geezer down the road. Happy Birthday me old mucker xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Happy Birthday Mrs B! Hope it proves to be a memorable one.
    Now you can write your memoirs


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