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I’m back from outerspace (well…Ancoats to be precise)

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Birthday over, been & gone & I’m still here to tell the tale and thus far, dealing with my 40’s quite well cheers.

Thankyou to everyone who facebored me as my incognito alter-ego, and thanks for the text messages; even the generic ones that come already pre-programmed on your phone or left over from a previous birthday, unimaginative yet still thoughtful in their own way :-)

Had a lovely lunch in Castlefields with Bman, Childerbeast, folks & sibs and got way more than I bargained for in the way of giftage – which was nice.

Seven go mad in Manc became six, as one fell at the first hurdle :-( but it all turned out pretty well as it goes.  For the first time in many years I have to admit that I had a bloody good birthday & it’s all thanks to awesome family & some fab friends!      Suitably sozzled yet civilised I think.

The hotel was great, albeit with a touch of the backpacker about it on check-in as we jostled for space alongside about 2 dozen fresh-faced and over-eager 18 year olds, waiting for their mums to check them in and pay their deposits. (Let me know how that went down guys when she found out she wasn’t getting her £100 back after you trashed the gaff and kept everyone awake all night banging on doors and chundering in the stairwell.)

The whole of Manchester is your bitch for the night; you’re 18 years old and it’s barely 3:30am and where do you want to party? Outside my flipping room! That’s where!  Natch I can see why you would gravitate towards a room full of drunken 30somethings and a 40 year old in their PJ’s with a fridge full of wine and bottle of Grey Goose, but come on people! Get out there while you’re still able!


Dirty Dancing the Musical was like a mahoosive hen party.  If any men out there have got tickets for their wives for this show I strongly suggest that you offer yours to one of her mates and steer well clear, unless you’re a huge DD fan or possibly a closet homosexual. When he said the lineNobody puts baby in a corner” the entire Palace Theatre went nuts.

Time of our lives indeed…

Met my bro & bro-n law afterwards and went for drinks in Odder and I think they may have been drunker than we were. Needless to say, despite my earlier claims that I was going to look ‘hot as’ in my new frock; I pretty much just looked like me but with a smarter hair cut. That’s ok though, I’ve come to terms with myself & my averageness :-)

Good news is that when I cracked a joke to the Concierge when we checked out of the hotel, that my bag was so heavy due to it containing the dismembered body parts of the kids who’d hammered on my door at 4:30am; they offered us a full refund of our stay as a gesture of goodwill!

Bang tidy.

We’re going to bank it and go again in the new year for the Hangover Part 2 (but this time I want a smoking drug dealing monkey in a denim jacket).

Thoroughly enjoyed my shopping spree round Man with Ms Aconley too – cue much pisstaking and laughing at the dodgy knitwear in Primani and almost tempted to buy all of these cushions just because they were £3 a piece:-

Pictorial evidence of the night to follow although none too disgraceful thankfully (or perhaps disappointingly). Better luck next time eh?



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