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Christmas Griswold style was fantastic this year.

    Childerbeast woke us up by tearing into their stockings which Santa had filled on the landing rather than in their rooms due to this note being left on their bedroom door…

I smiled to myself with the joy of it all as their delighted chatter stirred me from my festive slumbers. Smile faded somewhat when I realised it was 0430 and I had only been asleep for 2 hours!

Bman & I attempted to feign sleep a little longer but caved after 10 minutes and got up. By 0830 all the presents were open, we’d had bagels & smoked salmon for breakfast; the kids were building a Lego Star Wars Hoth Wampa base and I was on my second Baileys (which due to the short period of time I had slept doesn’t count as drinking in the morning, it just means I hadn’t stopped from the night before). So there!


Yippikiyaay dudes, it's 5am!


But hey you know what’ll keep you awake in the car driving to your folks in Cheshire when you’ve been rudely awoken at 0430 though? – Listening to the kids’ ‘Now 80’ CD. Now 80?!  FFS! I remember when the first one came out, with the tagline “Piggin good music” and a picture of a pig in sunglasses on the cover.  Bman and I passed the time playing the Who the fuck is this?”game when every song came on and also slipping to the next track when it all got too much and timing it in a way so that the kids didn’t notice the difference.

Amazing dinner with family and exceedingly fine wines (which it was noted did not give one a hangover despite drinking them continually for 2 days). You do get what you pay for – however even excellent quality still gives one a fine set of red wine teeth.

I have thoroughly loved Christmas telly this year. Gruffalo’s Child, Doctor Who, AbFab, Michael McIntyre’s Christmas Roadshow

And the fabulous Great Expectations, for which I had waited with great expectation, and was not disappointed.

Gillian Anderson’s Miss Havisham was fantastic and surely Ray Winstone was born to be Abel Magwitch.


I only hope the 2012 movie with the also brilliant Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham does as good a job.

Also watched ‘Super 8’ after treating self to a new DVD yesterday at Morridogs. I love a good Monster Movie and this one ticks all the right buttons. The kids loved it too.


My tips for the New Year to you all would be only this:- Do not attempt new Zumba Wii game after half a Cheese & Onion quiche & 3 pieces of giant toblerone; and for the sake of all that is holy and true… pull down the blinds & wear a fecking bra!

Watch this space of a round up of 2011 DHW style…


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