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Today I don’t feel such a crap mum after all

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 We all have those days when we question our parenting methods. 

Lest we not forget the time I inadvertently used the term ‘muff’ rather than ‘twinkle’  ‘foof’ or ‘tuppence’ or similar and have had it haunt me ever since.  (And that was just one of my milder indiscretions).

You can always rely on some other fool to up the ante and raise the bar though.   Surgery vouchers for child of ‘Human Barbie’

Money which may well have been better spent educating the child on how to pose and smile for photos as opposed to the Polythene Pam/Vinyl Vera expression we see on the photos in this article!

Today my eldest won a prize at school for excellent work in the field of Eco Warriorism (or something –  I wasn’t listening properly at the time).  Next stop: setting up treetop protests  on the Heathrow Airport extension and hosting lectures on permaculture or how to run a commune.   No lipo or boob job necessary.**


**  on an earlier draft I noticed I had accidentally typed ‘bob’ job not boob job.  hahaha  Bob-a-job week?  Do kids still do that or does it mean something entirely different these days?  I better check it out on


Addendum:  see Urban Dictionary – Bob Job.  Yup – totally different from what I meant!


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  1. WTF???? Fully expected to read article and find out they lived in Califor – ni-a but turns out they are from Cambridgeshire. Well i never.

    Mind you, see that mum…..well you would….. you know lol


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