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RIP BOB & put me down for Feeble Minded Please

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1911 Census  –  It was pointed out to me this morning (cheers ‘Dr. Bunsen) that the 1911 census is now available to look at online and that ‘Lunacy’, ‘Feeble Mindedness’ & being an ‘Imbecile’ were frequently listed in the ailments column.

I feel,  after the morning I had today, with my photocopying, trimming & laminating right royal fuck-up, that I would have fit in seemlessly in Edwardian times under all 3 headings.

What was that phrase I coined last year?  Dumb Blonde Spacker was it?


meep meep

image courtesy of google images


Is it any wonder with such muppetlike tendencies that I’m alone & loveless.  (Well actually, technically I’m not.  I’ve been married for 9 years, but sometimes, it pretty much amounts to the same thing!)

and altogether now.  After 3…. “Can I have an E please?”   Blockbusters Host Dies 

                                                              R.I.P. Bob


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