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All I can say is…. Holy Shit!

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I have 2 other posts in my draft file, primed and ready to publish, but then I saw this and thought “Woah! hold the phone!”   This story nicely follows on from my earlier post on not being such a crap mum after all.  As I said in that – there’s always someone else out there ready to raise the bar.

Forget your ‘Paranormal Activity’ trilogy and ‘Blair Witch’ and all those lamo attempts to terrify.   Check this shocker out!    Even without the ‘go go juice’ love I also want to pull your mums hair….real hard!  Make sure you watch the vid.

Only click here if you can deal with the terror:-    Scary Pageant Mom

BTW: If anyone knows where I can score a rack of Pixy Stix and a quart of GoGo juice then do leave a comment.


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