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“Right here is where we make you pay… in SWEAT!”

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Things you never ever thought you’d see yourself doing # 26

   Being Pudsey Bear’s seeing eye leader and helping ‘him’ down a corridor.

Things you never ever thought you’d say out loud to a crowd # 116

“You have to listen to the music. If you don’t feel the music you can’t dance to the music”

Who am I?   Louie Spence?    That teacher bird from ‘Fame’?    Johnny Castle?  FFS!

Ga Gung Ga Gung Ga Gung
Loving todays episode of ‘Pointless’.  How PC of the Beeb to show an Inclusion & Diversity Special.  Lloyd & Drew?  Holy Moly!  Here’s hoping that on Monday they get categories along the lines of: Folk Singers, styles of courderoy trousers or the Norwegian Leather Industry.   And as for the dude who said ‘Oliver’ was an Oscar Wilde play!   Feckin heck!

starter for 10


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  1. Nice to see the makers of Pointless read my blog and included a category on “styles of trouser” in Monday’s episode. Lloyd & Drew even managed a pointless answer, although they didn’t opt for the ‘Cords’ option. Bad luck that they lost in the head to head, but well done Wolverine and his dad who bagged over 7K. Perhaps he could pay for Professor X to have his wheelchair pimped!


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