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Feeling a little underappreciated TBH but at least I’m still alive

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All hail to Drew & Lloyd of ‘Pointless‘ fame for gaining their own appreciation page on Farcebook (nothing to do with me, although I did think about it). 

Please tell me though that Lloyd (who clearly wasn’t in our recent KS2 lesson on internet security safety, but perhaps should have been) only has 852 friends since he was on the show and not before.!/profile.php?id=556632919&sk=wall

I don’t think I’ve even met 852 people in my life!

Loving that fact that today’s episode had, at one point, at least 2 sets of comedy characters from  the French & Saunders Show’.  Brilliant!   I love that glint in Alexander Armstrong’s eye (which we all know means; “Not a feckin hope in hell pal” when he says “Let’s see if it’s up there shall we?”


It also came to pass in a discussion recently that is nothing to do with ‘Pointless’ at all, that apparently the average woman has slept with 6 men in her life.  

The number 27 was flouted in this discussion by persons who shall remain nameless (it wasn’t me FYI).  I am nothing if not totally average!   I counted up and even if you count missed opportunities, near misses,  or partners I’m aware I could have had but turned down for a variety of reasons, varying from shallow aesthetics to crippling self-doubt, preoccupation with shame issues and a massive body complex, I still only could have managed 13!

Perhaps I should have got out more, or drunk more, or taken more drugs (or less maybe). 

With my luck I’ll still probably die of cervical cancer or a latent dose of something or other lurking beneath my undercarriage for the last 22 years.

Speaking of death.. Good news… Princess Diana’s ghost has been spotted in a stained glass window in a Glaswegian church.  After all – it’s the first place I’d think of for Lady Di to visit on a day trip back to the here and now.  FFS!


TBH I think her afterlife might be better spent floating round the Pont de l’Alma in Paris whispering “Clunk Click Every Trip” at passing Fiat Unos.



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