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Apparently they’re both Hobby Horses…. ohhhh kaaaay..

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Kids party this afternoon up at the S&D Club.  Passed the park on the way which was covered in horse shit and had a tiny shetland pony trotting around in it.  Possibly one of the several escaped equines that were barrelling down my road in the middle of the night on Thursday!  I looked out of the window when the noise of clattering hooves woke me up and thought I was at Aintree for a moment.  I wish I’d put a bet on!

Back at the party – The Bear decided to channel me at the age of 8 and stand at the back, with a face like a smacked arse, chewing her fingernails and filling up with tears.  I took her home to Bman while, helpfully all the way, telling her what a misery she was. 

Went back to the club to supervise Al who was channelling her father with her moves on the dancefloor!   Note to self: do not let 6 year old girl watch GaGa V Madonna on music channel before taking her to a party.

DJ had a proper “Scream if you wanna go faster” voice but his balloon modelling skills may have been more suited to a Hen Do or an episode of ‘Embarrassing Bodies’:-

“Can you tell what is is yet?”




wait for it……




"Is it Brokeback Mountain?"

prostate trouble is it?


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