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“Hair are your aerials man…”

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Gutted that I missed the ‘D-Side Drug Bus’ today at work, doing a Just Say No type talk on cannabis, because I was teaching another year group this afternoon.  I was told by an esteemed colleague “Seriously babe. Is there anything they’re going to say that you don’t already know?”   It was a fair assessment I guess.  I’m told they didn’t give out any taster samples so I didn’t miss out there.

Reminded me though of seeing these at Morridogs recently and having a chuckle to myself:-

Not the same kind of 9 bar that immediately sprung to my mind I have admit – although the kind I was thinking of are also wheat, egg & gluten-free.

Probably worth buying just for the peurile humour value, a bit like those snacks they do in Aldi called Disco Biscuits, which never fail to make me smile.

Nice One Top One Get Sorted

Boro at the weekend.  I can smell the vinegar on the inevitable Fi-Chi supper already!  Mmmmm



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