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Bman’s Bday Mash Up

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Ahh you can’t beat a night out in the Boro. (Well TBH you probably could) but as far as nights on the toon go –  Saturday wasn’t bad at all.

Decent Chinese at The Kam Sang, with a trainee waiter who I suspect may not be getting a second shift after he dropped our plates on the floor. Fortunately it was on the return leg to the kitchen with the empties so we were fine about it. Restaurant Manager dude didn’t look that impressed though.

Childerbeast filed off in the car homeward bound with Grandma at 7:30pm while me, the Bman & the bro-in-law headed off to TitsTits Bar to await the throng of Bman’s guests.

After an hour there were only 6 of us there, so cue much piss taking, but eventually everyone else arrived, including a massive surprise in the shape of the Southern Posse!

Desperados all round and a few sideways glances while the uninitiated got used to Garv.

[Note to self: get Garv on the payroll as a supply teacher.]

I can picture it now: – “Children, this is Mr Garvey, your supply teacher for the day” (Garv walks in with Rupert Bear style trou and a skull head scarf and announces):-

“Morning! You great big bunch of cocksucking wankers” Who wants to smell my fingers?”

Favourite quotes of the evening as follows:

(Shouted across a very busy bar just as the music went quiet) “Hey Brew, how come your brother knows all about my anal hair problem” and “Hey Brew, your mum jabbed my arse”

And my favourite: “We have to go to LT’s cos it was the birthplace of House Music” / “So not Chicago then?”/ “Nope, House Music all began on Huntriss Row”.

Did some dancing in my fancy frock, drank a bit more, caught up with old faces and laughed a heck of a lot!   Reminisced about the time we took the singer Elliot Smith on a tour of some dubious Mancunian drinking holes after one of his gigs and speculated as to whether or not we had in some way contributed to his depression and ultimate death from self inflicted stab wounds!


RIP & sorry about making you go in that dreadful pub - your roadie Colin was cool tho


I left everyone to it at 1am, as I had reached that crux point when I started to wonder if the barman could be persuaded to make me a cuppa – you know then it’s time to call it quits and get in a cab.    Bman on the other hand disco’d on til dawn and rolled in at 6am.

 I took a few pics. All of which were pretty decent but my camera has decided it couldn’t cope with it and has deleted them all. If I had been drunk enough I might have suspected that I deleted them in a bumbling fucked up Muppet moment but I wasn’t and I know I didn’t.     Perhaps it’s for the best if this photo borrowed from Mattie’s FB page is anything to go by:-


Prevent this tragedy

 Bring on the next 40th!   I could get used to these kind of get-togethers!


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