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Brrrrrrring on the new ice age

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Cheerful predictions from the Department of Health: –

Cold Snap Could Kill Thousands

If I were you I’d make sure your Boiler cover is up to date, bust out the slanket and then get yourself online and stock up on you know what….




BTW – is this not the best slanket design ever?


Da da da di di di di... Elmo's World


If only they had them in a Bagpuss design – or even better… an electric Bagpuss slanket!  That would be freakin awesome!

(FYI.  I do not own a slanket (or a wolf fleece) but I will own up to Bman & I owning matching leopard-print fleece dressing gowns.)


pictures  courtesy of google images


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  1. my credit card is at the ready. link please…….

    • Electric ‘wokf’ fleece cape or possibly several wokf fleece capes fashioned together to make a pair of wokf fleece trou? Bang tidy!


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