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Hammer House of Hockey

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Not sure that watching “Whitechapel” – an episode about a killer who hides inside your crawl spaces, wardrobes, under the stairs or behind the fireplace before coming out after dark and bludgeoning the family to death was the wisest choice of televisual entertainment before I went to bed alone last night.

I contemplated boarding up the fireplace before I turned in and must confess to checking inside the wardrobes, although to be fair, anyone’d be lucky to get in there among the junk.   Also we have possibly the creakiest floorboards ever – you could hear a house spider ascending our stairs!

Suffice to say though I have now got impressive hockey stick handle impression in palm of my hand from all night grippage.

 Nothing like a bit of a scare to add some thrill to your life though eh?  Am looking forward immensely to watching the movie version of “The Woman in Black next week.    A friend has blagged 4 of us a freebie in an empty theatre!  Chilling times indeed – I’ll take an aisle seat please & I’ll be checking behind me every few minutes!


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