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This post contains the word ‘OR’ 3 times in bold

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My esteemed friend and colleague left her electric blanket (don’t ask) at work over the weekend, along with her coat (Meep Meep) and one of the inmates saw it this morning and questioned whether “it was one of those vibrating blankets” and I was like Woah! hold the phone!  Vibrating blankets???”

Natch, I googled when I got home, but all I came up with was a soon to be archived Facebook page…


… and of course the inevitable sex toy type websites.

My obvious next train of thought was:- ‘Electric vibrating bagpuss fleece slanket’ OR (even better) ‘Vibrating wolf fleece trousers’ OR both at the same time for the ultimate warmth/ stylish/ comfort/ therapeutic massage/ shexual experience

I either need to get out more OR start building prototypes in the shed.



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  1. as if “Electric Wolf Fleece Trousers” isn’t the best name ever for a Band!


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