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If only I actually looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt

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WARNING:  Don’t read if you’re sceptical about the slightly paranormal – or do read – and then feel free to mock me at will, I don’t care.


Had one of those wierded-out Sixth Sense moments last night when I was ‘told’ that I’d die of a heart attack at 52 if I didn’t stop eating so much crap.

12 years off. 

It’s a sobering thought. 

My girls would only be 19 and 20!  So unless they’d gone ‘Chatsworth’ on me, I’d peg it before I experienced the joys of Grandparenting.  I’d also (as I have often predicted myself) be off this mortal coil way before pensionable age.

Think I’ll pay the warning some heed though, given that the other couple of times I was ‘told’ something specific it was pretty much on the money (lottery numbers that I forgot to put on and then 5 numbers came up AND the location of Great Uncle Jim’s Father’s grave).

Step away from the biscuit tin Ms B – you know it makes sense and “Hello, if you’re out there – another 6 decent numbers would be fab Ta”.

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Don’t need voices to tell me to not screech at my kids like a nasty old harridan though – that’d just be common sense Ms B you horrible old cow!  



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