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Too cold for Carnivale right now but the thought keeps me warm

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As you know, I’m a bit bonkers about parrots and birds of paradise in general.  So I love the kids film ‘Rio‘ for several reasons:-

It’s about a parrot, it has a great soundtrack and there are Carnival costumes.   I’m in!  Where do I sign up?  I would bloody love to see the Rio Carnival, which of course is happening any time soon.  Maybe I’ll get there one day and get my norks spangled up & shake my booty in the street.

So in honour of Rio carnival and my love of colourful feathers, next term’s new Wake & Shake routine is to this track:

I don’t think it’s enough though.  In my mind I’m seeing feathered bird masks, headresses and bustles. Then I got carried away on Ebay (it’s easily done) and now I wished I’d spent my birthday money on this beauty instead of letting it all get sucked into bills and food shopping and other pointless uselessness: –

It’s hand made and a mere £220
And before you ask – this is why I go to festivals in the Summer – because you can get away with wearing WTF you like and no-one cares. (& Burlesque bustles and Hunter wellies are a highly underrated fashion statement FYI).
Perhaps I should just make do with an art lesson making Carnival masks and then put on a special assembly for my own entertainment.  Not quite Rio but possibly as close as I’ll ever get.



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