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Monsters Mirrors & Mardi Gras Fantasies

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I was reblogged today by the dude who runs the Manchester School of Samba – which was nice!   Maybe I’ll get an invite t’other side o’ t’Pennines for a lesson or two.  As long as I can wear one of these though:-

Ta Da!


Today I spent 4 hours of my life at the National Media Museum indulging my offspring in their obsession with all things Moshi.  Worth it of course to see their little faces light up and to see the dude in the Katsuma suit getting stuck in the door on the way in.  

I forsee a possible future in stop motion animation.  Even Ray Harryhausen and Tim Burton had to start somewhere.    Roly Roly – A short film by ‘A’

Day 1 of my diet and detox and I’m still alive and not hungry, so that’s good.    I’ve ordered some more Kinoki foot pads in order to just try and suck all the fat out of my body through the soles of my feet. 

"14 stone in a day"

The reason for this quest for sveltness is twofold: – Not to die at 52 and to not be the fattest f*cker on the festival circuit this summer.  (I give myself a week before I cave and blob out again.)

In the meantime here’s some photos of fun we had in the Hall of Mirrors at the museum today.


Thermal image of me & the Bear

and some classic TV favourites we met along the way…



Last ‘bed to myself’ night tomorrow night before the Bman comes home. Full of tales of daring do in Bulgaria no doubt.  I already heard that bought a new pair of long johns for $1.60 and has been eating Bulgarian kebabs & jumping the bus.  I also know that he barfed in his pal’s bathroom after a vodka binge, so I await the rest of his travelogue with baited breath… Judith Chalmers eat your heart out love.


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