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Is it a Quantity Surveyor? Is it a Church Warden? NO, it’s….

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Name that Tune: – “She might have tasted good, but man she was my Kryptonite” – Won’t go quietly – Example

Movie Quote of the Day: – “A world full of super heroes eh? / Wait til they get a load of me!” – Kick-Ass

Now, anyone  who says that daytime TV is just a continuous drag of debt consolidation adverts, paternity disputes and selling your old shit at auction shows may be right, however…   Once in a while you might just catch a story worthy of merit.  Like today when I caught an interview on This Morning when my attention (whilst channel hopping) was grabbed by the sight of a man in a blue wrestling mask and cape sat on the sofa with Eamon Holmes.

It would seem he was mild-mannered 19 year old called Roger by day but when called upon to break up fights in the streets of his local area in Manchester, he  becomes…  The Knight Ranger.

 You couldn’t make this shit up and that’s why it’s bloody brilliant.

This made me think of the time I saw a black dude in full Superman costume, cowboy boots,  ten gallon hat, carrying a briefcase & waiting for a subway at 23rd Street station in New York! Perhaps he wasn’t actually a nutter as I first assumed, but some kind of  Wild West caped crusading Subway vigilante.

This kind of behaviour has even made its way onto Wiki:-

>>United KingdomThe British tabloid The Sun ran an article on the country’s Real-Life Superheroes, including The Statesman, Vague, Swift, Black Arrow, Lionheart and Terrorvision.

 The BBC reported on Angle-Grinder Man, a British self-described “wheel-clamp superhero” who uses an angle grinder to illegally cut wheel clamps off vehicles which have been clamped in by police and parking officials in Kent and London. He does not demand money when performing these crimes.

The newspaper ‘This is Local London’ featured an article on SOS (whose real name is Steve Sale), a UK superhero who crashed the premiere of the film Kick-Ass

Knight Warrior (whose real name is Roger Hayhurst) is a 19 year old who wears a costume and attempts to break up fights in the Manchester area. His mother has expressed concern for his safety.

 In August 2011, the BBC reported on Shadow (real name Ken Andre) who patrols in Yeovil.>>

Angle Grinder Man?!    Absolutely awesome.

Natch I am fashioning myself a cape and sequin encrusted  balaclava as we speak.  I shall henceforward be known (between the hours of 8pm and 10:45pm or midnight on weekends) as.. erm… dunno, how about ‘The Incredible Grump’, ‘Pyjama Bottom Woman’ or ‘Shouty Lady’, or ‘Hygenia – Mistress of the dishcloth’ (ok so maybe not that one). 

Cake & sweets could be my Kryptonite (because everyone has their Kryptonite)  What or who is yours?

All of this of course leads beautifully into this:


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