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Sleeping soundly? (a little too much sound from some)

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It’s barely 1830hrs and Bman (with the excuse of having had a 0330hrs start) has already fallen asleep after his epic pancake making exertions at tea time. 

The baritone of his snores permeates the walls of the house like a warthog aslumber.

It’s not good!

He’s tried all of these sexy looking devices:-


None of which seem to work well or suit him.  If they do work and stop the snoring, he ends up slavering all over his own face. 

I wear foam ear plugs, also not the sexiest of boudoir attire, but to no avail.  If they do stay in my ears I have to screw them in so tight I fear not being able to retrieve them in the morning and worse, the youngest cat likes to try and nibble them out of my earholes while I’m trying to sleep.  ‘Trying’ indeed!

A more drastic approach maybe required:-


Or perhaps:-


 Not for the first time, last night, I bunked in with my youngest in her Star Wars duvet.  I have to say though that it was a bit of a squeeze, clinging on for dear life amongst the menagerie of stuffed toys.  By the sound of it I might be heading for the Lego Star Wars duvet again tonight!



pictures courtesy of google image and cartoonstock





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