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Where did it all go wrong?

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I’ve been doing this food diary thing online where you keep a record of what you’ve eaten and it tells you how many calories and how much fat/protein/carbs you’ve had.  I’ve also noted my vital stats and I bought a set of bathroom scales today.

Operation Timbershift has commenced people! 

This is going to be what the Yanks call a ‘Shock and Awe’ operation.  The Shock being the one my system is going to get when I cut out so much sugar and fat and bust out the Lateral Thigh Trainer from the shed.  The Awe will be when I check myself out in 6 months time, when festival season kicks off, and I can pack some daisy dukes to wear with my wellies!

Oh yeah!  It needs to be done.   Yesterday when I caught my reflection in the bathroom I thought someone had let in the bastard spawn of Harry from Dumb & Dumber and Benny Hill in drag.    It wasn’t pretty my friend.

not a good look


neither is this











and as a salute to my old myspace friend Betty Housewife, let’s reintroduce some 50s pin up art.  (Whatever happened to Myspace? Do people still ‘do’ Myspace?)


This one seems rather apt for today.

Perhaps if I lost the killer heels?
Peter Driben pin up art – courtesy of google images

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