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Remember children please ensure you log off properly or your account may be open to abuse by others…

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I think perhaps next time I preach to childerbeast about the pitfalls of Internet Safety and keeping their personal cyberspace safe from abuse, I should perhaps (or maybe not, for legal reasons) show them this as a warning.

My incognito (or not so much now) farcebook profile page, as of today:-


 Jades HenDude                  i wish i could lick my own nips      
                                                                   (18hrs ago)

  Phil Stark                             lmao……….. (9 hrs ago)

  Jades HenDude                Oh FFS! hahahaha am such a muppet!                                                                           (13 minutes ago)

Clearly the first status update isn’t from me because everyone knows that I……….
…. would have used a capital I at the start of that sentence.

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