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But I only went in to visit my Gran!

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Possibly my favourite news story of the week.

When I saw the headline.  Why was I not surprised to see where this happened?  The reason for this sorry episode is not made clear but I have an image in my head of some unwashed unskilled orderly smoking a fag as he liberally applies paraffin to an unsuspecting patient who only went in to have a check-up.

Only in the Motherland!


May I just point out to any friends who are lucky enough not to live in this region, please don’t bother to look for  me in the background on C4’s ‘Made in Bradford’ programme.   My favourite character so far on this, being the large dude walking past in the background quite near the begining, wearing a black and orange flame design shirt.  He about summed up all the reasons I have ever blogged about why it is not a good idea to ever shop in Sadford if the Black Dog is on your back.


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