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Labour of Love (or am I just a re-tard?)

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Now children, let’s do a little mathematical equation shall we?

          If I divide my hourly rate of pay by how many children I am responsible for a day and multiply it by the number of hours I work a day (and I shall include lunchtime, which I don’t get paid for, because many’s the time I’ve wasted it sorting out various issues).

The outcome is that I get paid the princely sum of £7.91/child/per week. 

          The national average for private daycare per week is around £175/child.

For this bargain price I am meant to attempt to educate the child, keep them on the straight and narrow. I am meant to remain calm in the face of adversity, abuse and rudeness and on occasion don the Security Jacket of the Nightclub Bouncer. Oh, and also make sure, somehow that OFSTED are kept happy and the relevant stack of paperwork is completed.

So actually, yes, I DO do my job for love, because I sure as shite don’t do it for the money.

 Just saying…

Just putting that out there…


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